. . . ULTIMATELY TOUCHING coming-of-age story set against the political and social upheaval of the late 1960s. With gentle good humor and a keen intelligence, Stahl explores race relations in America, the demise of his parents’ marriage . . .  It’s a wonderful piece of theater.” 

– Curt Columbus, Artistic Director, Trinity Repertory Company


STAHL IS AN ELOQUENT AND POETIC WRITER . . . There’s an honesty to the show, and not in a self-indulgent way we’ve come to expect in one-person showcases, but in a sweet way that makes us eager to join Stahl on his journey…. His rich language is clearly a gift, and his meandering style of storytelling often leads to deep pockets of humor and insight…. Stahl is a natural storyteller. . . . Tall, handsome, academic-looking and, yes, one-eyed, he’s unpretentious and clearly his own man, and that makes him quite likable.”

-- David Koteles, nytheatre.com, August 2013


“A BEAUTIFUL PIECE. Cathartic, sad, funny, hopeful, personal and brave."

-– Jack Feldstein, Author, The Fantastical World of Scriptwriting


"WONDERFUL parts . . . and wonderful characters, too! I would just love to meet Juanita." 

-- Pittsburgh New Works Festival Selection Panel


"BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFULLY LITERARY . . . Stahl's writing is rich and totally engaging." 

-- Bob Jaffe, Co-Founder/Co-Artistic Director of the Berkshire Playwrights Lab; Artist Member of NYC's Ensemble Studio Theatre; Founding President of RI Citizens for the Arts


"I WAS MOVED by the show’s simplicity, sincerity, and the wonderful affinity Stahl creates with his audience.”

-- Tony Estrella, Artistic Director, Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre, Pawtucket, RI


"THE SCENE WITH MARTY KILLED ME.  I swear a little pee came out.”

– Alan G., Providence, RI



– Susan L., New York, NY


"STAHL IS HONEST, SENSITIVE, and FUNNY. His characters have authentic personalities. We feel for each one, and we get to know them. The play is down to earth yet delivers a contagious optimism. . . . We feel that we are an important ingredient in the story."
-- Mary Wright, Artistic Director, Jamestown (RI) Community Theatre





  Contact: R. Jim Stahl at Stahl@MerlynsPen.org.