R. Jim Stahl: Writer and Performer

Woodstock, Vietnam, and dot matrix. Everyone's making bombs, including our longhaired, short-winded, one-eyed, two-fisted, bar-mitzvahed teen hero. Jim Stahl's coming-of-age monologues, performed under the name Monocular Man, traverse the finest suburbs from Boston to Miami, taking on race, class, privilege, and manhood. Critics say, "Brave!" “Funny,” “Swift,” “Eloquent” and “Hopeful!” Stahl has performed his monologues at the National Storytelling FestivalWGBH & World Channel's Stories from the Stage (television, co-produced by MassMouth), the New York International FringeTrinity Rep, New York's Strawberry One-Act Play Festival, and the Providence Fringe.

Listen below to a monologue told before a delighted audience of 400 people at the 1st Person Festival of Memoir and Documentary Art.



                                      "Popeye, too, had one eye!"